1263 Hoff Road
Hanover, PA 17331
Phone:  (717) 698-1791
Fax:  (717) 698-1792
Fetchin Sticks will allow your dog to run, play, socialize, and receive plenty of love and attention from our staff while you are away at work, running errands, or on vacation.

Both large and small dogs will be playing together throughout the day.

Because of the amount of exercise your dog will expierience in daycare please keep a few things in mind....
**  If their not used to a lot of play they WILL BE SORE and their feet may get a little scuffed up. 

We also suggest taking your dog for walks in between daycare visits to keep those paw pads toughened up. Always double check with your vet first!

If you do not have time for walks we ask that you please get your dog booties to protect their feet.  Remember, you wouldn't run a marathon with out any training. Daycare is like a marathon for your dog.

A complete list of all Fetchin Sticks Policies and Procedures can be found on our home page in our application link or at the bottom of our Pricing, Hours, & Policies page.

We understand that true emergencies do happen.
However, for repeat cancelations (after your 5th offence with less than 24 hours notice or a no call no show) we will still charge the full price for any additional missed days of daycare and / or we may require pre payment for any days of daycare scheduled. 

Doggie Daycare has many benefits for you and your pet which include:

Mental Stimulation
Physical Exercise

Remember that a TIRED dog is a GOOD dog!

Rules and Regulations(THE BASICS):

Daycare is available Tuesday - Friday.

Each dog will be required to complete a trial day. During their daycare play day, they will also be evaluated for Boarding.  The cost of the first trial day is $30.  Trial days are scheduled Tuesday - Fridays only. We do not offer trials on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday.

Reservations are required in advance for all guests.  Due to staffing limitations, we can not accept same day reservations.

Dogs must be leashed at all times when coming onto or leaving our property. Flexible leashes are not permitted on the premises.

Dogs must be spayed or neutered by 6 months of age to come play.

Dogs must have current vaccinations
. For your convenience your vet can fax them directly to us at 717-698-1792.

Dogs are required to attend daycare monthly. We reserve the right to refuse daycare service to any customer who does not regularly attend daycare.

Dogs not picked up by closing will boarded overnight at the owners expense.


Effective 12/1/2013: Breed restrictions for daycare will apply. All breeds welcome to board.