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fter running and playing all day with their new friends, your pup may want to unwind with a refreshing bath. 

While we will do our best to keep your dog as clean as possible, they will still get dirty from playing and rolling around on the property.  We have GRASS and DIRT. Dogs do play with their mouths and slobber can get stinky.  

Please request baths at the time you make your reservation to ensure we can handle all requests.

Baths:                    $25 and UP
Nail Clipping:        $10 and UP
Nail Dremmel:       $13 and UP
Ear Cleaning:          $5 and UP (included with baths)

We will do our best to accommodate everyone's schedule. Dogs who express excessive fear or aggression will not be given the above services.  Handing fees may be charged. Please inquire.

Remember, we are a happy place.  Your dog should not get a bath with every visit.  We will no longer accommodate any requests to give more than 1 bath in a 30 day period.  We will also require that dogs come for at least 2 visits in between baths so that we remain a "Happy Place"

A complete list of all Fetchin Sticks Policies and Procedures can be found on our home page in our application link or at the bottom of our Pricing, Hours, & Policies page.